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Wide application of galvanized steel poles

Why galvanization?
March 14, 2019

Galvanized steel poles, generally refer to steel pipes galvanized in taper, octagon, or isodiametric used for street lighting, power transmitting, billboard post, signal tower, supervisory control pole, traffic signal etc.

Hot-dip galvanization is a process coating a layer of zinc uniformly on the surface of the steel; it’s a crucial process and the quality of galvanization effect the lifespan of the poles. Acid rain or any natural environmental factors such as water moisture, damp, or flood water, all these will make general steel poles rust and corrode, and it is very dangerous, because nobody will notice the gradual corrosion of the pole itself, the pole thickness will become thinner and thinner and can be easily fallen down by strong wind. Hot-dip galvanization is the treatment especially solves this bad situation after pole galvanized, the zinc layer is inert to any kind nature oxidization, thus protects the pole from rust and finally prolongs the lifespan of the pole, increase the pole safety.

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