Aluminum Profile Pole - Leeka Galvanized Steel Poles

Aluminum Profile Pole

Power: Max. 35W

LED: Philips


Luminaire: in-built LED module latest version

Driver: Meanwell

Water-proof: IP65

Height: Max.3.5M

Material: Aluminum alloy

Surface finishing: epoxy resin powder coating

Style: Integrated



Made from aluminum profile according to its original dimension and design, the surface of the aluminum profile is oxidized for corrosion proof, the line-type groove in the aluminum profile effects a way of decoration and also a role of heat-dissipation. The characteristics of the aluminum profile made it not only good material for the pole itself but also could be cut and punched as the housing of LED.

Poles of this type normally united with the head, as the head often soldered together with the main pole, so the head and the pole are the all-in-one type.

When the aluminum profile was made the main material of the light pole, it could be designed to many types according to project needs, such as varies the height, solder the arm in the top to mount any traditional street light head or garden light.


1, Easy installation with integrated LED luminaire and aluminum profile pole.

2, Rust-free and complete waterproof from top to bottom.

3, Flexible customization according to clients’ request in different countries.

4, Wide surface color options from RAL color tables.

5, Long lifespan above 25 years.

6, Brand LED chip and the best quality led driver.

7, Guaranteed quality from leading led expert and outdoor lighting designer.

8, Can be integrated with solar panel according to customers’ wish.

Production Process:

(Drawing) →Material Calibration→ Cutting → Welding → Inspection → Powder coating (Painting) → Inspection→ Assembling Luminaire →Testing → Packing → Shipment

Application: park lighting, landscape lighting, outdoor decorative lighting, road lighting, etc.

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