Utility pole - Leeka Galvanized Steel Poles

Utility pole

This pole is 12 to 15meters in height, hot-dip galvanized for a general lifespan above 30years. Rolled from Q235B or Q345B steel plate, seamless soldered and in nice round shape or octagonal. For each pole combined by 2 or 3 sections, each section connected together by flange by stainless steel hex screw locking. Removable arm locked to the main pole by screws, in case of long-distance shipment, remove the screw and pack each part separately.



A utility pole is mainly used to support overhead power lines which were mainly used for power transmission, supporting fiber optic cable, and related equipment as a telephone pole and telegraph pole. Differs from wooden poles, galvanized utility pole shows a long term benefit on the lesser replacement, high reliability, and safety.

General standard: Wind load above 160km/HR, all structure including main poles, arms or spares are in hot-dip galvanization. 4mm to 15mm material thickness according to request, made according to technical drawing.