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Report spoofing emails

Why you should not ignore spoofing emails you received by just deleting or block the sender?

Firstly, block the emails won’t block the sender. The sender may change to another email address to send the same emails again. You still get this annoying condition.
Secondly, the guys sending spoofing emails are social scum. If we just ignore it, they will continue to damage our social stability, causing harm and loss to individuals, businesses. Deteriorating the trust between people and people and business and business. Only we completely remove them, each of our business persons work together, then we could improve our business environment.

Also, report the message and block it in your mailbox is not a good practice, which may cause your own email service IP to be blacklisted if the sender is in the same IP range as your email server. Once your own email IP is blacklisted, your outgoing emails will land in the spam box, your suppliers or customers may never see it. So the best practices are as below:

(1) Let the actual email address owner know that their email had been used by scammers as spoofing.

(2) Let the ISP know their services had been used by scammers to create crime. You can check the ISP from sending IP from the received email header. ISPs generally have the scammer’s information for example email addresses, telephone number, as well as bank card number, from which can know the real person of the criminal. It’s your choice to report this person to the police if he had caused serious headaches to you.

Please forward any spoofing emails you received pretending to be from us to