One-sided billboard pole - Leeka Galvanized Steel Poles

One-sided billboard pole

This is a roadside billboard in 2m to 5m height, made of Q235B structural steel and treated further by hot-dip galvanization, powder coating. The thickness of the pole wall is 2.5mm to 4mm, reliably resistant to high wind, tough weather condition and durable above 30 years lifespan.



One-sided billboard is used in public square, commercial street, park, railway station, bus station, and even gas station.  In related to two-sided billboard and three-sided billboard which are used alongside the expressway showing mainly to passing vehicles, the one-sided billboard is used in high-density populated areas showing mainly to passersby, thus it showing good advantages such as high advertising reachability, better advertising results, low advertising cost, and a diversified presentation.

1, Outdoor media reachability is 2nd to TV, by strategically distributing to relative places to a targeted population, a one-sided billboard can get better reachability, higher acceptability, and more effective results.

2, The diversified presentation of one-sided billboard enables the user to puts any kind billboard alongside the billboard pole with caching effects and vivid presentation. The one-sided billboard pole supports the billboard box, it’s the only part that demands no change and replacement even the billboard box changes frequently adapting to request.

3, One-sided billboard pole can support two or more billboard boxes on flexible directions if necessary, pole height and diameter is set for no further change while on manufacturing.

Quality control:
1, Complete in-house production under ISO9001 quality management system.
2, World-class soldering technology and powder coating equipment.
3, Computerized material Calibration to ensure the minimum material waste and exact match to product requirement.

SA36, A283GrC, SS400, St37, Rst37-2, RsT37-3, Astm a572 gr50 (1.8mm~30mm).

Production Process:
(Drawing) →Material Calibration→ Cutting → Shape folding → Welding → Inspection → Polishment→ Drilling → Inspection → Hot-dip galvanization → Inspection → Polishment → Powder coating (Painting) → Packing → Shipment